Husband’s Stupidity…

27 Jun

Here was the conversation last night.

Him: Babe…before you made the Macaroni Salad in the dish in the fridge, did you wash it?

Me: No…I think I wiped it out with a paper towel.

Him: Oh… (the look on his face telling me SOMETHING is wrong…)
Me: Why should I have washed it out? It was sitting right on the counter. (note: this particular set of bowls has been sitting on the counter and is ready for the trash because 3 out of the 4 ceramic bowls are cracked..this bowl was the only one NOT cracked.)
Him: Well, that was the bowl I put the Lestoil in to clean your shirt.
Me: *deer in the headlights stare* You put Lestoil in that bowl and then dumped it and left it on the counter?
Him: Yeah…so I was thinking, maybe that’s why we both got really sick after we ate the macaroni salad last night.
Me: You think?

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