28 Jun

Last night was the first time in my whole “dieting” episode that I’ve felt hungry late at night. Sure, there have been a couple of munchie episodes..you know, when you have the major munchies like when you get high? WHAT! Oh, come on, EVERYONE who went to college tried it and you know it. But these munchie episodes were dealable. Last night sucked.

It was around 10 p.m. and we were on the couch. The hunger had been slowly building and was finally at the annoying “feed me or I shall destroy you from the inside” feeling.
Me: “I’m hungry…like, really hungry.”
Him: “What do you want?”
Me: “Nothing…just get me a glass of water.”
Him: “Hon, there’s got to be something you can have if you’re that hungry.”
Me: “No…at this time of night anything I eat will just sit there overnight and become even more fat. That’s okay, just water with ice please.”
Him: “Oh…then maybe I shouldn’t eat this in front of you.”
He held up an ice cream sandwich. What I should have said was, “No you skinny fucker. Just because you can eat everything you want an not gain an ounce I HATE YOU. Sure I kicked your ass in Tae Bo last night, all eight minutes of it, but you still are so friggin thin it’s annoying! How do you think I like weighing almost as much as you and being about 5 inches shorter? Eat that thing in front of me and I’ll shove it down your skinny-ass throat.”
What I said was “It’s okay honey. I’ve got to build up my willpower sometime.”

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