2 Jul
Sorry…minor meltdown on Friday. I’m better now, thanks to Erin’s kind words and a little ranting and raving at work.
It’s Sunday, hooray! I got home last night to discover the tv in the bedroom wasn’t working..horrors! So I got on the phone with Direct and we walked through the dummy steps to see what was wrong. Then we walked through the more intricate stuff, then we determined it just needed to be thrown out the window. But I learned a lesson!
Me: “So, if I do have to call a tech to come out here, do I have to pay for it or am I still covered under warranty.”
Her: “Well, you’re covered for only 90 days, but if you’ve had to call a tech there before that period is over, the 90 days starts over again. I see you had a tech there almost three months ago, so you’ll have until the fifth of July for a tech to be fully covered.”
This is like perpetual warranty coverage!! Who knew! You get close to the warranty running out, just say “honey, can you please do your best to run over the cable outside so we’re still under warranty?” (which, as it turns out, is exactly what happened). So now the tech is coming in a week or two and it’ll be covered! Turns out that just by jiggling the wire outside we can get the bedroom tv working again, so now we’ve got TV, have a tech coming to replace the lines, AND start our warranty ALL OVER AGAIN….
Don’t you love loopholes?

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