Stop growing already!

5 Jul

Two things happened today to make me want to stop time in it’s tracks.

First: we were at swimming lessons when I finally got a chance to talk to Babygirl’s teacher, Allie. Allie was telling me that Babygirl would be ready for group one next year.

Allie: Yup, she’ll pass her test fine, she’s very advanced. She’ll be ready for group one next year, in fact I’m already teaching her some group one stuff. How old will she be next year…five?

Oh yeah, she’ll be five…in about 3 more years! When I informed Allie that Babygirl was only 2 and had only turned 2 in April she was, quite literally, speechless. Apparently we gave birth to a mermaid.

Second: This is a conversation that JUST happened with Toad came in the room.

Toad: Mom, is it okay if I don’t sleep with puppy tonight?

(note: puppy is a small stuffed golden retriever he’s slept with for years and years)

Me: Hon, you don’t want to sleep with puppy anymore?

Toad: Well, I would try and see if I’m not scared and then I don’t need to sleep with him anymore.

Me: Okay babe, you don’t have to sleep with him if you don’t want to.

Toad: Well, I would give him to Babygirl.

My son…my five year old…wants to try NOT sleeping with his favorite stuffed animal, the very stuffed animal he could NEVER sleep without, and if THAT piece of sweety-goodness wasn’t enough, he wanted to give it to his SISTER!!!

Don’t mind me, I’ll just spend the rest of the day curled up in a ball wishing they weren’t growing up so fast…

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