7 Jul

Up, dress, drink, kids, up, dress, drink, sigh, swimming trunks on Toad, chase down Babygirl, dress Babygirl, load up towels, put shirts on, secure kids in van, curse, run back inside, grab sunscreen, back outside, into van, drive, unload, walk to group, take shirts off, apply sunscreen, keep Babygirl occupied during Toad’s lessons, get juice box, unload teddygrahams, smile, nice rock, yes sweetie, nice rock, talk to adults, realize it’s nice to talk to adults, smile at Babygirl, encourage Toad, lifeguard whistle, dry off Toad, get Babygirl to her class, watch Babygirl, get Toad a treat, ONE DOLLAR FOR A CANDYBAR?!, watch Toad get wet after he’s been dried, encourage Babygirl, lifeguard whistle, dry off Babygirl, drag both children from the beach, stop at mail, home, strip, re-dress, get lunch, sweep up all the sand, slip on water and fall on ass, graceful, clean up lunch, play with kids, blog, Babygirl nap, play with Austin, lunch, laundry, kiss husband, head to work….



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