Guest Posting

8 Jul
I’ve been guest posting quite a bit lately! First I’ve been going under a lovely anonymous name on Ben’s blog while he was on vacation. I’ve had fun being able to pick on Britney…ha! She kills me. Anyway today Monty’s got a guest post from me over THERE (I e-mailed it to her…it’s not like she gave me her password or something…heaven forbid someone trust me THAT much, I mean, they probably think I’d go wonky messing up their blog with half-naked pictures of very pregnant Britney Spears or something…)
Monty’s great! She’s as neurotic as I am, but with more style! Thanks again Monty for letting me guest post and remember, we’re only giving you guest posts for a week, we want our Monty back first thing Monday morning! Vacation’s over baby!

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