Rock Oddity

11 Jul

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Rock Oddity, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

Okay, I need a little help here. My son and daughter have been picking up rocks at the beach and Toad found this the other day. Now, the rock is a little short of an inch long, and the other side is perfectly normal. It feels like a normal rock except for the odd rectangular hole on the rock! The thing is, this isn’t a large rock, so the hole couldn’t have been where support beams went or anything. It’s not sharpened into a point like an arrowhead and there are no other marks aside from that one. So what in God’s green earth is up with this rock?!

I’m serious, I have no idea! This is a total puzzle to my entire family. So if anyone has any ideas as to what’s up with this rock or any thoughts as to where I could find something out, I’d really appreciate it!

And now it’s off to take the cat to the vet…again…apparently the wound hasn’t healed from the fisher cat attack and so my wallet will get drained again. Hopefully I can get them to give us a discount because if it should have been stiched up a month ago, they should have done it! She should be okay, but it’s a nasty wound.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a post of something I DO know about, but maybe you won’t be able to figure out….


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