Ahoy, the Internet

13 Jul
I have found the most wonderful thing I’ve ever found online. No, I’m not talking about free porn, I’m talking about SparkPeople. Every other site I’ve ever found online that promises to help you lose weight costs an arm and a leg. SparkPeople is absolutely free!
Okay, maybe I should explain: SparkPeople is a place where you can input your height, weight and goal weight, and it will calculate how many calories, ect, you should eat, how much exercise, and when you can expect to reach your goal weight! It starts you off slow, with a program called Fast Break, which just gets you used to a “lifestyle change”…yeah, and my lifestyle change is for me to get my fat ass moving and get some exercise!
If you’re trying to lose weight, check it out. They’ve got a board there that is specifically for finding a matching buddy, someone who’s similar to you and trying to lose weight to, so you can both reminisce, or bitch, together!
Now, I’m off to go bake cookies…WHAT?!

One Response to “Ahoy, the Internet”

  1. Tracey March 11, 2009 at 3:40 pm #

    Been there done that 😉

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