Busy Busy, in a Tizzy…

17 Jul

OMG, I worked my butt off this weekend! It doesn’t help that hubby’s on vacation so suddenly everything has to be done RIGHT NOW…I’m only catching some time on here before we go to Walmart!

Okay, quickie update: went to the new doc, he’s nice, knowledgable and YOUNG! He’s like 35 or something. But he seems to know what he’s doing, so I get some new insulin meds and another visit in 8 weeks. We’ll see how that goes, but one thing’s for sure, I need to buy a scale…ugh..

I’ve started WWIII on SparkPeople. I put a new message on about being a picky eater and how to diet while being a picky eater, and OMG, the responses! Everything from “hooray, glad there are other SELECTIVE eaters out there ” (that’s my new favorite term, selective eater..) to “That’s so rude to not like to eat things at other people’s houses…you should be shot.” Well, okay, maybe not shot, but the sentiment was there. So I started a group at Spark People called Selective Eaters!

See, my question is this: in a world where we’re preaching tolerance about race and sexuality and religion, how come it’s NOT okay to like onions? Or peppers? Or other things? Personally I can not STAND onions…pretty much everything that’s in a salad I don’t like. And why should I have to learn to like it when I like plenty of other things…it’s not like just eat meat or fruit, but I like sidedish veggies and rice and meat, why should *I* have to change?

What do you think? Do you think it’s okay to be a selective eater, or are you one of those that feel that you have to eat everything there is under the sun to be able to appreciate life?


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