The Laughing Pickerel..

18 Jul

Hubby’s on vacation for two weeks, which means just when I get used to having some time to myself he goes back..ugh.

This morning we went fishing, since the humidity has calmed to “barely tolerable” from yesterday’s “will suck your eyeballs out of their sockets if you walk outside.” Scott fished with the children on one side of the fishing access, I went about 100 feet over. About fifteen minutes in I snagged a fish that I pulled all the way in, but it managed to wiggle off right before shore. Lo and behold it wasn’t a pumpkinseed (it’s a barely edible fish we were all catching and throwing back, because you don’t eat pumpkinseed unless you’re starving to death, and then even the worms are more tolerable), it was a long skinny silver fish. Scott came over to unsnag my line a few moments later and yelled over that he could see it and it was a pickerel. A pickerel! I haven’t caught one of those yet!

So I kept fishing, trying my damnest to catch the pickerel. Having Scott switch me from worms to one lure, then another lure, then back to worms (no, I don’t put worms on my own hook, are you crazy?!). Scott started loading up the stuff an hour and a half later and I was still trying to get that pickerel. Suddenly I saw a flash of silver…the damn thing was three feet off shore! Swiming this way and that, laughing at me!

For fifteen more minutes I tried to get that pickerel, but to no avail.

Just you wait Pickerel of my nightmares, I will return….


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