24 Jul
Wow! I was away for five whole days from the blog-o-sphere and it didn’t crumble! WOW! Sorry to any readers, since hubby’s on vaca we’ve been doing tons of stuff, including a visit to Santa’s Village last Thursday and putting up a pool we got today. One of my cousin’s neighbor’s moved into a house with an inground pool and didn’t want their little ten footer anymore, so we got it! They just said, “here!” It’s sweet! It is, however, at this point in time TOO FRIGGIN COLD TO TOUCH! Damn, where was that thing when we had 95 degree weather?!
In other news: (men might want to look away) I’m actually having a period! HALLALULAH! It’s honestly the first spontaneous period I’ve had in about four years. It must be the new medication the doctor put me on! I’ve forgotten how annoying PMS is…on Saturday I was ready to chew off anyone who got too close to me’s head, Sunday (when it started) I had massive cramps and the ambition of a slug, and today I’ve STILL got massive bleeding and the need to want to eat every five seconds, and prefferably food someone other then me cooked.
This is hubby’s last week for vacation so I’ll probably be scarce until then, as we’ll be hanging and I’ll be working a bit on my novel (what, another blogger trying to write! Say it isn’t so!) I’m always up for volunteer readers!

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