26 Jul

Thanks for you guys who want to read it, and the minute I get more then a couple of pages actually on the computer, I’m totally shooting it off to you to get your opinion.

Things have been mellow on the homefront, so let’s move to a topic I don’t understand…BlogHer. What’s UP with BlogHer?! I guess I don’t understand why so many people are going and want to go? Okay, I can get the whole “meet up with other women and have tons of drinks”…that’s totally on, but how can this be completely fun when you see the stuff they’ve got in the seminar?! What’s up with that? Have you seen the schedule? I mean, when you go to day one you can see they’ve got bloggers talking about everything from starting a site to taking good photographs, to how to make money on your blog. And day two has even more advanced stuff.
Okay, I’m definitely not the world’s most sophistocated blogger, I wouldn’t even call myself an intermediate, but a beginner still (after two years) but isn’t blogging turning into something ugly? I mean, it started as a Web Log…hence Blog, which was basically meant to be an online journal where you can share your life online and read about other’s lives (in my eyes it’s meant to show that you’re not as fucked up as you think).
But now it’s become this huge thing, where you have to market just right to make money, and where you should have perfect photos like Heather, where you have to learn to write perfectly and about things people want to read. WHAT?!?! I’m absolutely certainly positive that no one wants to hear that my daughter’s potty training is going absolutely nowhere because the little stinkette wants to wear diapers for the rest of her life, but I vent on here. I enjoy reading as women have problems with their marriage or get back into the dating game like Mir or try to concieve and have problems OR have children like Zoot (and I love Zoot, but here’s a tip, instead of paying money to go to BlogHer to see her and discover how to start a blog, GOOGLE IT! There’s TONS of info on there!), or reading about things I’d love to do (if I had the body) like Mistress Matisse (come on, making money by torturing men? Awesome!).
I just don’t get why you should make money off your blog, or why it has to be perfect. If you want to make money writing then WRITE! Get into journalism or sell short stories or a novel or something. If you want something perfect, then start designing corporate websites. My blog is nowhere near perfect, and I’m definitely not making any money out of it. What I have done is met extremely great and nice people like This blogger and This blogger and This blogger. People that actually respond when you leave a comment on their site and in return visit yours and comment there! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left a comment on Zoot’s site and never once has she returned the comment or visited my site. I know the woman’s busy, but it’s not like she gets 60 responses a day like Rockstar Mommy does, and even she takes time out of her schedule to post a few return comments in her site.
I guess I just wanted to say that I’m not perfect, and neither is my blog, and I’d rather spend time chatting with some of these wonderful people online IM’ing then spend money to go to some silly conference!

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