MixMania/Power Outage

2 Aug

So the new MixMania topic is out, and it’s a very, very difficult one. Create a soundtrack that reminds you of 9/11. Wow…really wow…talk about difficult. I’ve got about two songs popping into my head when I had hundreds on the last topic. This one’s gonna be hard…

So I worked last night (SOOO SLOOWWWW…no one orders from catalogs in the summer!) and got sent home early (big surprise). I was just chillin’ with hubby and getting ready to jump his bones (SERIOUSLY!) when Zap…no satellite…then three minutes later…ZAP! No power! GREAT. We’re currently in some of the most humid weather I’ve seen in my LIFE and we have no power for fans or A.C. But thank God, at least the kids are already asleep.

And then, God laughed.

So, from about 11:00 p.m. until about 1:30 a.m. the kids were up! Which meant, so was mom! (and dad for awhile, but seeing as he works on big machines that could cut your arm off if you’re not at the top of your game, I was totally fine with him going to bed.) So guess who’s taking naps today?! Guess?! Nope, not the kids…MAMA! (Only in dream world)

And now I must go, as my son and daughter have decided that their life’s mission is to beat, torture and maim each other, all the while trying to annoy me as much as they possibly can. And my husband wants another one?!?!?! Who’s he going to remarry?


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