Family Sucks

6 Aug

Supplies for family reunion/barbecue : $50.00
Time it spent to organize/clean for barbecue (at our house): 8 hrs
Photos scanned for photo cd project for family: 442
Time it took to scan them: 60 hrs (roughly)
Show of appreciation from family members: NONE!
How often I’m going to do it again? NEVER!!

So a little over a month ago my grandmother makes the comment that if someone doesn’t hold a family barbecue, “by god” she will. My grandmother has a familial tremor, is 76 years old, and can’t make it all the way up my stairs with out stopping to rest. There’s no way my mother and I were letting her do the barbecue, so, I said I’d do it…again…

Now three years ago I decided to do one, and everyone had a blast. There was croquet and tons of food and much laughter. This year? Here’s a brief rundown:

After hours of preparing people started to arrive…first my parents (fine), then my grandmother (fine) who rode with my Aunt and Uncle from out of state (not so fine) and then my cousin stopped in the driveway, dropped off his mother (my aunt) and one of his kids (he has summer kids…you know..some are here, some are there..) and drove off! He had the balls to drop his daughter and mother off and leave a family barbecue….okay…moving on. Another Aunt and Uncle show up fifteen minutes late (fine…I guess…). They explain their daughter (my cousin) will be arriving late because she was waiting for their granddaughter to get home from a party (okay…) and their daughter-in-law will be arriving shortly with their other grand-daughter, but that their son is going to be coming later because he was staying at the house while their grandson slept (he’d been sick)…okay…

My out of state cousin did not come to the party because she’s had migrains for 16 days in a row (is this possible?!) and is on morphine (yet she text-messaged her parents while they were here that she was going to the store to get gatorade when there was tons of gatorade at their house….hmmmm…more on this in another post). So the burgers hit the grill and it’s food time. My male cousin who’d been staying with his sick son finally arrived and I grabbed his laptop (I’d specifically asked him to bring). It was a mac…mac’s suck…anyway, with his help I set it up to run a slideshow of all the photos I’d scanned, and I set it up in front of my grandmother and let it play. My mother loved it, my grandmother thought it was…okay (she wanted her albums back), and that was it! No one said “awesome”, no one said, “wow, this is great, thanks so much!” when I handed them their cd’s, no picking on old photos or nothing…it was almost like it didn’t exist.

I busted my ass for 60 hrs and nothing….I spent tons of time trying to do this bbq and the vibe was more like a familial obligation rather then having fun…I am seriously, seriously depressed and pissed off right now at my family. Should I say anything to any of them? Should I tell off the cousin who dropped his mother off, should I make it known that I’m pissed that no-one seemed excited about the project? Or should I just forget it even happened and move on…advice…anyone? Bueller?


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