Good day…so far…

7 Aug
Disclaimer: I live in the real world, so what I write is what’s happened in the real world, so I hope no one gets offended by this post.
Today I’ve decided to play hardball with my daughter and potty training. No more diapers unless she’s taking a nap/bed or we’re going out somewhere. And if she poops or pees in her diaper (not on accident, but because she didn’t want to use the potty) she’s going to get a quick spanking.
Right now the kids are playing quietly in their rooms and aren’t torturing each other. I slept eight full hours last night, and had the balls to tell work when they called this morning that No, I wansn’t available to come in tonight for extra hours, but that I would be there tomorrow.
Last night we played outside, talked with friends, and took time to chill. Hubby and I watched TV, snuggled on the couch, and then he gave me three orgasms…
Today? Life.Is.Good.

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