Battleground: DAY 2

8 Aug
(announcer): And now here’s your daily report about the Potty War in Randi’s house from our anchor, Wana Btrained!

Wana: Thank you. Yesterday the Potty War escalated to new heights when Babygirl first peed while in her booster seat, then later proceeded to poop in her underwear two times, prompting her father to actually throw a pair of underwear away. Before you worry about waste let me assure you that the underwear Babygirl is now wearing are hand-me-downs from an older cousin…yes…CLEAN hand-me-downs. Relations became even more strained after Babygirl’s mother and father got into a heated discussion about potty training ethics. For more on this story, here’s Menare Dumass.
Menare: Thank you Wana. The Potty War seems to have strained more then just Randi’s patience, but her relationship with her husband as well. According to our sources, when their son, Toad, was engaging in the Potty War, Scott was a power to be reckoned with. It was he who first sat down and decided that Toad would be made to go naked for one week during the summer while in the house as a strategy to win the Potty War. The moment Toad nullified the strategy by making a mess, Scott was the first to give him a quick punishment. It seems however, that this time around, Scott has decided to back down. He seems no longer capable of enforcing Babygirl to use the potty. When asked why, this is what he had to say:

Scott: It’s hard, you know…I mean, I know I was tougher with Toad, but Babygirl’s a girl, I just can’t bring myself to do it. Sorry.

Menare: It was after this statement was made the Randi bashed her husband over the head with their upright piano. Yes, things are looking bleak for their relationship during the Potty Wars. Back to you Wana.

Wana: Thank you. And now we reach Day Two of the Potty Wars. Who knows what will happen, especially since Randi has to work this evening. Will Babygirl make more messes? Will more underwear be disposed of? Will Scott be able to hold with the training techniques? Tune in tomorrow to see who survives in the Potty Wars…

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