10 Aug

I’ve fallen in love.

And so has my husband.

For over two weeks, now, we’ve become loyal followers of The Dog Whisperer on The National Geographic Channel. We’re not usually watchers of this channel, unless the show involves Atlantis or some other elusive city, but after watching an episode of South Park where Cesar takes Cartman in hand and gets him to be a better person, I had to DVR it. (I can’t say Tivo, as I don’t have one, I have a DVR, which is, in MY opinion, cheaper and better! Dude, I can record two shows and watch one sometimes LOL)

So I watched it, and my husband just laughed and wondered why I was watching this corky show, considering our dog is very well trained. Then he watched it. We have now watched every episode the channel shows and are hungry for more!
If you haven’t seen it, Cesar is amazing. He take the “leader of the pack” philosophy. Basically this means that dogs don’t operate the way people do (thank god), that you have to be assertive so that they know who’s in charge. If you’re not, THEY will be in charge and all you’ll have is a spoiled or agressive dog. You shouldn’t have to yell, you shouldn’t have to hurt, just make yourself known to the dog.
I thought my dog was well trained, because we can do just about anything to him and he doesn’t snap or growl, even take food out of his mouth. But at the family bbq the other day I told him to stay when someone drove up, and he did…for a milisecond, then he ran off to greet the car. According to Cesar, Duke should have stayed and not gone to greet until I told him he could. It was then I started looking at some of the small stuff, like the fact that he runs out the door before us, that he greets other dogs with his head and tail straight, that made me realize we THOUGHT we were running the show, but he is!
So we’ve started doing Cesar’s stuff, and it’s working amazingly! He now seems to realize we’re in charge. If I could only get him to stop eating rocks….
This, of course, makes me want another dog. I’ve got the three cats, now I want another dog, and Scott’s not impressed. He’s not totally against the idea, but I love rescuing from shelters, and he has issues with our local shelter. Hmmm…maybe if I get him to think he could be the next Cesar….

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