Friday’s Open Letter

11 Aug
It’s time again…open Letter time! And this one is a bit close to home…

Dear Ex,

Hi…how are you? Yeah, I’m a bit wierded out. The other day when my best friend mentioned you’d contacted her through her MySpace acct, I was in shock. As far as I knew you’d dropped off the face of the earth! So I thought, ‘let’s leave him an anonymous message and mess with him’, because I genuinely liked you and wanted to say “hi!”
You figured out who it was pretty quickly, which leads me to believe you were tipped off, but no biggie. Then I replied to you asking general questions…you know…’how’s your life, how’s your wife, would like to be friends as we were great friends before’ yadda, yadda yadda. Your next e-mail left me speechless.
First you claim that the only reason you asked me out was because it was someone else’s idea (although you did claim it wasn’t that you didn’t already want to)…but then, THEN, you had the balls to write this:

Man did I have you fooled… I was a terrible person. I hate who I used to be, all I cared about was me. Video Games, Role Playing, Martial Arts, Wrestling, Drinking, and Fun. All I cared about was me, I am unsure what I was about back then, I was lost. I was going nowhere… Fast. Not to mention that I used people… alot. Your wrong, you fell in love with a complete loser.
Wow…just…wow. Okay, let’s rewind here…we were together for almost two years on someone else’s idea…you USED people (I’m assuming that I’m part of that people), and I feel in love with a complete loser? Meaning my judgement is THAT terrible?! Then, there’s THIS in the e-mail.
But I found out that life isn’t about just me. I have a responsibility to help the people out there who need me. I have submitted to a life of helping others, someday you will too.
So what, you suddenly turned into a Buddist monk? I think you’d be the first Evah buddist monk that married. And honey, if you think raising two children and a family isn’t a life of complete selflessness and helping others, I guess I don’t know what is.
After the rage and confusion cleared, I realized something. Most of my life I go around wondering “what if.” “What if” my parents hadn’t divorced, “What if” I’d finished college, “What if” I’d gone to the other college, and one of the biggest “What if’s” I’d had recently was this: “What if” you and I hadn’t broken up. Sure you left me for a 16 year old when you were 22, but “What if?”
I realized yesterday when I read those e-mails that I don’t have to worry about that “What If” anymore. I’ve got a house, pets, two beautiful adorable children, and a husband who does everything in his power to make me happy.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go do my best to make my husband happy, because it’s suddenly dawned on me how wonderful he really is.

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