Bullets? Why not!

14 Aug

This seems the easiest way to sum up the weekend…

  • Had the ENTIRE weekend off due to a fluke at work…SWEET!
  • Went to another family gathering (kid’s birthday) and it made me feel a hell of a lot better about last weekend. We all enjoyed ourselves (of course, half the family wasn’t there) and the kids had a great time.
  • Toad has decided sleeping is for babies…anyone got any ideas for a 5 year old who doesn’t want to go to bed? He says he’s scared of being alone at night, but he has a nightlight, and when THAT excuse doesn’t work, he has a hair in his mouth, or his body itches, or he hears noises outside…pick the excuse…
  • Went to a Catholic Baptism on Sunday. The family made a huge deal out of it, having a huge BBQ afterwards…a bit much in my opinion. But I got to hold the baby, and that made up for everything!
  • At the baptism I saw The Nephew for the first time in almost nine months. He looks like shit. He’s gained between fifty and seventy-five lbs and looked greasy and unclean. He sat alone with his g/f (yes, the pregnant one) most of the time and apparently was casting wistful glances at my husband and I. Too bad, so sad.
  • I am debating calling DCF about the Nephew and his GF, as I’m extremely, EXTREMELY concerned for their baby.
  • Got to visit with my BF the ENTIRE DAY Sat…well…most of it, and it was awesome! She survived garage saleing, grocery shopping, AND McyD’s with the entire family…she’s a trooper! Thanks again Danni for paying for lunch, we really did appreciate it!
  • My kitty (yes, MINE!…one of the black twins) Noel (no-no) left not one, not two, but THREE moles on the back porch for me this morning. Maybe it was an early B-Day present?!
  • My son and daughter are NOW playing on my bed and have just discovered a white rope that somehow became attached to the bed…umm…hmmm…I have no idea how that got there.

And how did your weekend go?!


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