17 Aug

Put up a self-pity post and the people come out of the woodwork LOL. Now, I’ve always been one that gets upset when a comment is left on a blogger’s page and the blogger reacts thusly: “I can’t believe someone would say such an ugly thing. If you don’t like what I’m saying, don’t read it.”

I totally absolutely and completely do NOT believe that. You have a right to free speech, it’s a given right even if Bush keeps making those who speak up disappear. I recieved a few negative comments on my birthday and they were all written by someone who signed their name O. *or ()…I’m still not sure* Anyway, I wanted to comment on the comment *heh* that I have absolutely no problem with them saying what they said, and part of me totally and completely agrees. I felt like crap about feeling like crap, which made the crap feeling even worse. Are you following me here or am I just neurotic?

Bottom line, my husband loves me (even though his butt didn’t think of using our credit card for an emergency present…bum) and my kids love me, and I’ll end up okay with my mother sooner rather the later I’m sure. But there is one thing bothering me. If you want to make unflattering comments, go right ahead, but at least be adult enough to sign your name. Take responsibility for what you do.


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