22 Aug

To all of those people who commented about BabyGirl’s potty training that I should wait until she’s ready…


Trust me, I’m not trying to be mean, I promise! But at her physical yesterday I mentioned to Dr. Awesome (she’s the best pediatrician in the area!) that BabyGirl was stalling out on potty training. She asked how everything’s been going, what we’ve been doing, what BabyGirl’s been doing, and after that this was her response:

Dr. Awesome: It sound like BabyGirl is more then capable of going to the bathroom if she wants to. At a time like this I usually just tell the parent that it’s not worth the fight.

HA! See, she’s totally ready! She’s just so friggin stubborn she makes me want to yell.

Damn, wonder where she gets that from…


One Response to “Potty Wars REVISITED”

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