Open Letter

25 Aug

Friday Open Letter time!

Dear Nurses at the Hospital,

I want to thank you for all the excellent care you gave my daughter and I yesterday. You were amazing. You know, those who think doctors are the smartest are WRONG! It takes an amazing person to be a nurse.
First off thank you for the stickers you gave Babygirl to play with while we were waiting, AND thanks for making the wait so short! Okay, so I wasn’t psyched about wearing that white oompa-loompa outfit, complete with shoe covers and hair net, just to go in with Babygirl, but what could you do? I know you couldn’t give me scrubs even though I liked those better, but at least you were kind enough not to crack any jokes about me looking like a large white blob or a hazmat worker (even though my husband did).
Thanks for being very understanding of a two year old, and very gentle.
And to that special nurse who, while walking out of a room saw me bawling after watching BabyGirl be put under said, ‘oh look, another normal mother’ while laughing, thank you. Your glib quip made me laugh and got me back in check when all the “she’ll be fine” comments wouldn’t.

And a special thanks to the nurse who took care of BabyGirl in pre-op AND post…that you were right by her side when she woke up, that you removed the rail so I could sit with her, that you took off the tubes the minute you could, that you flipped the pillow before she woke up so she wouldn’t see the little blood on it, that you called down to the OR to find out exactly where the doctor had put her tooth so we could bring it home for the tooth fairy, that you asked her her favorite color and then went and got her a little stuffed bear in EXACTLY that color….thank you. You were amazing.

Never again will I say “what, there’s a hospital in that town?! I thought there was just a mall…” The effeciency of the entire hospital, combined with the amazing nurses, will make me remember that hospital always.

Thank you,

A Now Calm Mother.
P.S. I promise I took a picture this morning, and I’ll get it up by this weekend…to be immediately followed by Toad’s first kindergarden picture on Monday. Now you must excuse me, the last statement made me crave chocolate and alcohol…

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