A Picture and a Story

27 Aug

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Toothless, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

Here’s the promised picture of BabyGirl and her new smile! It’s not that bad, I know, but I still have a hard time getting used to it! She put a Cheerio in the space the other day and said “Look Mom!”

And now, for the story…

I don’t go out very often. I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve actually gone to a bar in the last five years…seriously. Friday night at work, one of our girls was leaving to head back to college. It was kind of a last minute deal and so nothing had been planned. One of the supervisors wanted to do something, and so said she was taking the girl out after the shift ended, at 11:30 p.m. My shift ended then and I exclaimed how it stunk that every time they invited me I never had any cash or my debit card on me. My supervisor said she’d spot me for a drink and I could pay her back on Saturday.

So off we went. We were meeting up at my supervisor’s son’s house. The cops were on the son’s road because of a huge fight and a crowd had gathered, so I wasn’t parking there. The girl who was leaving told me to park at the Municipal/Cop’s building. Now, this area is FINE to park in normally (just remember this) and I’ve parked in it countless times…albeit not quite that late at night.

We met up and went to the bar. I didn’t realize that the Sup’s son was a drinker (although the two glasses in front of him, one tequila and ice and the other straight water should have tipped me off) and because he put my drink on his tab, the bartender made the Blue Hawaiian very, VERY strong. Normally I woud not have drank my drinnk that strong, but since this is a mixed drink put on his tab, I definitely had to make an effort. After I’d drank three quarters of the glass it wasn’t tasting so bad, and I was mourning the loss by the bottom of the glass.

My supervisor took care of that problem by getting me another Blue Hawaiian, and after I’d drank half that glass (this is all with in an hour and a half) I realize I was completely and totally shit-faced. Trust me on this, I don’t get drunk. Since all my companions were too intoxicated to drive, they paid the bartender (who doubles as a DD Taxi) to bring me home.

Let’s not include the discussion on how Scott acted upon seeing me drunk, nor the discussion about the headache the next morning. The next morning Scott worked early and after we had an appointment in Canada, so it was around 3 p.m. before we were in the vacinity of the car. There was an auto show going on on the main st, and I was staring at that when I heard Scott exclaim “There goes your car!”


True enough, my car was being towed the opposite way on a flatbed. After trailing after the tow-truck and talking to the police officer, I learned that they were hauling all the cars away where I’d parked my car because of the Auto show, and even though there was no signs the night before, they had put a notice on the car in the morning to have it moved by 3 p.m. A notice I hadn’t had the chance to see.

Luckily the tow-truck operator gave us a deal and the cop ripped up the ticket (10 dollars…wow…he did us a HUGE favor LOL) but I’m still mad at the situation. I plan on taking this to up to the next level and trying to get my money back. Meanwhile I’m laughing my ass off, because this is just my life. The ONE time I go out and do something spontaneous like that and my car gets towed.

And NOW I dare you to tell me that I don’t have bad luck!


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