The Wheels On The Bus

28 Aug

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The Wheels On The Bus, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

Okay, alright, I give up.

Today I officially become an old fart.

My five year old, Toad, started his first day of kindergarden today….AAAAAHHHH!! He did GREAT!! We waited at the bottom of our hill for about twenty minutes (yeah, I was too early) and when the bus came he gave me a kiss and climbed right on like he’d been doing it for forever! He had his Cars backpack with his Cars lunchbox inside and all the paperwork he has to give to his teacher. To make matters even MORE difficult, he’s the last pick up on the bus route, and the only one on the hill who needs to get picked up!

He’s only going until 1 p.m. for six weeks…it’s the school’s way of getting them acclimated to school before making them go whole days. So now it’s just Babygirl and me, chllin’ out…ARGH! What do I DO all day?!?!?!


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