6 Sep

Terry, Terry, Terry my love…

I have decided that my mystery Terry is definitely a female (or a gay male..who doesn’t love a gay man?!) and I have a sneaking hunch that it’s someone I know….well, not so much a hunch as a fear LOL. I guess I’ll have to try to figure out WHO Terry is…

Last night? Last night was a night spent doing the normal, then playing Resident Evil Zero on the gamecube (just came in…can we say ADDICTED!), and having an orgasm when I got to watch the season premier of Nip/Tuck! GOD I love that show! Also, my BF told me to watch House, so I taped that and am starting to watch it…I think I feel another TV addiction coming on…

About BB7…what’s up with that?! Mike, come on, you’re being an idiot if you think either of them is going to take you…well…Erika might, because she knows she can’t beat Janelle, but there’s NO way Janelle will take you! I’m actually really sad Will got kicked out. Out of everyone, he was the puppet master controlling the game. Sure he’s a big conceited, but I think, deep down, he’s really just a teddy bear!


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