8 Sep

Letter time!

Dear Time:

How you like to fool with me. First we had last week, which seemed to take FOREVER, and then the weekend, which Scott and I BOTH had Sun and Mon off and it was great! We got to play with the kids, have some alone time, “break-in” the van (sans kids, of course…they were with grammy) and really enjoy ourselves, and it went fast!
Now we come to this week, which again has flown by, but for terrible reasons. First and most minor, MY FOOT HURTS!!! It’s been hurting since last week and that makes you, oh time, seem to take forever in a way. Every hour it hurts more and more during the day. So today I say “enough!” and head to the doctors, only to be told that my first mistake was not filling myself full of drugs. Yeah…mmmmkay. The doctor (nurse practitioner) said I needed to take three Advil, three times a day. I have finally figured out WHY she said that…because she wants to see me back in a few days to treat me for missing stomach lining! That’s why!! I don’t care how much food I eat with it, there’s NO way I’m taking three advil THREE TIMES A DAMN DAY! I’ll take the Advil, don’t get me wrong, but that much is just insane…especially for five days! And they wonder why medication stops working on people…hmmm…
Then, the terrible part. A very, very close family member has had cancer cells found in her urine. I took her for a CT scan yesterday, and had to do things for her that I never, ever wanted to have to do. I can take care of my kids messes fine, but to have to help someone that close to you do intimate things…it just feels so wrong. You feel so terrible that they are put to the point where they feel ashamed. So now we’re playing the waiting game, oh time, and once again you seem to crawl, because it will not be until Monday afternoon before we find out the results of the CT scan.
I am so scared of those results, as I know how you, oh time, can be a bitch when you want to, and can flitter away any remaining hours we have with loved ones on therapy or the basic daily needs, instead of enjoying each other while we have time left, as we should.
Time…go to hell.


Scared and pissed off in Vermont.

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