MixMania…the 9/11 edition

11 Sep
This time, Jim had given us a very difficult task, to mix a disc that showed how we felt (or feel) on September 11, 2001. This was actually a really, really hard one for me, so many songs I’d want to put on got thrown out after I fully listened to them. But here is the list of the songs that did make it on the disc.
  1. The Theme From ER: Easy explaination…I was watching ER when they suddenly switched to a live feed of the first tower smoking. At first I thought ‘wow…the ER’s going to be flooded with casualties…I can’t believe they thought to hit a building for the show’ It took me literally 5 minutes to realize that it wasn’t on the show…it was real.
  2. The Gorillas (score): This is from Tarzan and the music speaks for itself. At first it’s peaceful, then all hell breaks loose.
  3. Blurry – Puddle of Mudd: Can you take it all away? Can you take it all away? When you shoved it in my face, this pain you gave to me?
  4. Amazing Grace – Celtic Bagpipes: Do I really need an explaination for this one? Suffice to say when I found it and downloaded it, I got chills. I still do.
  5. Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton: The title says it all.
  6. Life – Eddie Arnold: This is an old song, one that is my grandmother’s favorite. At first it wouldn’t sound like the type of song to use for this, but if you listen, it’s really all about celebrating life.
  7. So Far Away – Staind: Now that we’re here, so far away…this song made me think of how all the children who lost their parents, or the spouses who lost their loved ones must still feel.
  8. Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning – Alan Jackson: I have to admit that this is probably my least favorite song on the disc, but it definitely reflects the day.
  9. Hero – Chad Kroeger – All of our soldiers ARE heroes…but so were all the people who dug their way through the rubble, not just to rescue survivors, but to get the bodies of those who had passed so their loved ones could have closing.
  10. Paint It Black – Rolling Stones: After the shock and sadness wore off, there was anger.
  11. Here Without You – 3 Doors Down: Another song that reflects the loss of loved ones. The scary part, though, was realizing this part of the song ‘when the last one falls, when it’s all said and done, it gets hard but it won’t take, away, my love’. Eerie..and very apt.
  12. Winds of Change – Scorpions: 9/11 truly issued in a time of change. Things are so different now then they used to be.
  13. Hands – Jewel: For all those who helped, and for all those who wished they could help.
  14. Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue – Toby Keith: I can honestly say I’d never heard this song until I asked some co-workers if they had any song ideas for this disc. I downloaded it and am absolutely in love with it. Kick Ass America.
  15. God Bless America (9/11 Mix) – Lee Greenwood: I wanted to download this song, when I put the list up, this special mix was on there. Every single time I listen to this song, I get chills and tear up.
  16. So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday – Boyz II Men: Self explainatory, I would assume

I have not yet recieved my MixMania disc (I haven’t checked the mail today yet either) but I’m hoping it comes in very soon. I’m very anxious to listen, because this disc doesn’t only reflect songs, it’s all about feelings and mood. I hope the person who got my disc could feel how I felt by listening to the songs on the disc, and I’d love it if they’d let me know how they felt after listening to the disc. I’ll update if I recieve the disc today! I can make copies, if anybody feels they would like one, just let me know!

*UPDATE* I went to the mail this afternoon to find my MixMania disk waiting for me…yay! I especially LOVE the last song, Everyday Angel, but I haven’t figured out who sent the disk yet because a lot of the players don’t have the lists up..get the lists up people, so I can see who sent it!! LOL


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