18 Sep

If you’ve had a child, then you realize that once they hit that two year mark or so, your biological clock starts acting like a time-bomb, demanding the necessity for one more baby. I believe mother nature gives us this clock at prescisely this time so we don’t strangle our children during the potty training process.

Well, every few years I get the urge to write again. Lemme give you some history here: I’ve been writing on and off for as long as I can remember…and reading for even longer. I enjoy writing. I have such an over-active imagination that I need some sort of outlet for it or I go nuts! In college I started as a history major (I was going to go into law…apparently I wanted a migraine for the rest of my life) and after I realized I didn’t care for it, I took a long hard look at my transcript and realized that I’d flocked to English classes in high school. In fact, the only AP class I’d taken was in English, and I’d aced it. Well, duh, there was the answer, become an English major and learn to write!

The thing is, I’m not a normal writer. Yeah, I understand the “this is a verb, this is a noun” thing, but to me, it’s like making music. When I play the piano, I don’t generally pay attention to the “this is an A, this is a B” notes. I know which note goes with which key on the keyboard and know if it sounds right or not. With writing, I know what sounds right and what doesn’t.

So now I’m back into the “hey, let’s publish a book” thing, and for some reason I always seem to set my sights too high. I get an idea for a novel and start writing, then when I realize how long it’s going to take, and how no one will probably like it ANYWAY, I stop. After talking with a co-worker the other night, I realized that maybe I need to set my sights a bit lower then one of the 600 pg novels I love to read.

My co-worker told me that she had been reading Harlequin romances for over 20 years. I avoid Harlequin books like the plague. I SAY that they don’t have enough meat and plot for me, but really it’s because I feel like an idiot reading one. At least when I read a huge book I don’t look like I’m just reading it for the romance. This co-worker informed me, however, that most of the great names out there, started by writing Harlequins! Nora Roberts being one of them (and my FAVORITE writer!) So what the hell, I’ll write a Harlequin romance…and if I sell it, then I can say “damn, I’m published.” What do you think?


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