20 Sep

Yesterday my sister-in-law came to babysit for an hour (the overlap time between Scott working overtime and when my work starts) and brought a bunch of stuff she’d ordered from Scholastic for us…a children’s dictionary, some computer games for the kids, and TWO memory books…you know, the one where it starts at kindergarden and goes up through high school? You have the ability to save their pictures in the folders and put pics of each year…it’s amazing.

Then I got to work only to have one of my co-workers give me an AERO bar (for those NOT living in a state close to Canada..Aero bars are chocolate bars filled with…well…air. They’ve got all these little air pockets and simply melt in your mouth! You can’t get them in the states.) because she lives in Canada and said she was grocery shopping, saw them, and thought of me (awwww!)

THEN I found out another co-worker knows my husband’s biological mother (and has for quite awhile) and she was able to give me an entirely new perspective on her.

T H E N another co-worker confided things to me that she probably shouldn’t have, showing her faith in me and how much she considers me a friend.

It was a great day yesterday…I felt needed and wanted and I needed that. Being a mother is the most self-less thing you can be (when you’re doing it right…I suppose if you’re doing it WRONG you’re a terrible mother) and sometimes just being a person and a friend is really nice.

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