2 Oct

Okay, Scott was home last week so I was (and still am a bit) TOTALLY off my stride. Not like it was a hardship to have him wake up and take Toad to the bus stop, or to have him take BabyGirl potty, or to sleep in, but damn, now I feel like I want to sleep all day!

WINTER HAS COME! Okay, so maybe we don’t have snow on the ground yet, but when the furnace has to kick on for the first time in the middle of the night, then you know it’s about time for winter. But the PROOF that winter is here, is that I’m wearing socks. I HATE socks. I see people who walk around their house with their socks and shoes on and it kills me! How can you be relaxed with shoes on? They’re heavy and clunky and make your feet get all sweaty, not to mention the amount of dirt they track through the house! I’m the first person to come home, kick off the shoes and walk around barefoot.
But honestly, I don’t really like socks! I do anything I can to wear slip on shoes that don’t require socks. It’s not uncommon to see me, in the middle of winter, drive to the store with barefeet and clogs on. Of course, stepping into the middle of a pile of snow is no fun, but if you can’t stand up to that, then you’re not a true Vermonter!
Basically, the ONLY time I wear socks is when I have to put boots or sneakers on (for a long walk or to be outside for a long time) OR when I’m really cold. Right now I’m wearing lounge pants, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt and socks.
Yeah…I’m ready for winter. Now if I could just afford my oil bill, I’d be all set!

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