Little Children

3 Oct

Apparently most of you have very strong feelings about the previous ODD post. I was thinking about that last night, and about how most of us feel that ODD should be re-named the B.R.A.T disease, when I realized something.

How often in a grocery store do you hear a kid bawling? And then you sit there and say “Jesus CHRIST on a cruch, can’t they do something with that child?!”

However, if you’re one of the parents who tries to do something, like pulling your child to the side and saying, sternly, “If you keep bawling, you will NOT get to go to the dollars store, and you WILL be taken directly to the car by your father.” you get all these “Oh My God…look at that mean parent” type of looks.

WTF?! You can’t have it both ways, people. You don’t want the child do bawl, we step in and do something…we do something, you get pissed and say we’re too harsh a parent. Come on! BOTH of my children behave extremely well in the stores (In general, they do have tired, cranky days, but they’re few and far between). I’ve gotten comments from grandmotherly type ladies about how well they behave and how they with they’d see more of it. But whenever I discipline one of them in the store (Oh yeah, I beat them to death with a rod…come on!) I get all these looks of pity at the kids, and anger at me. WHAT! I’m telling them what will happen if they continue with bad behavior. I don’t think I’m denying them any basic rights by not taking them to the dollar store, or by not letting them get the candy bar they didn’t earn.

Smarten up people. They are your children. You can have fun with them, you can enjoy them, but you have to be the PARENT!!!!! Children can’t make their own decisions.
And to Anonymous (is it Terry again? Who knows…but I don’t think so) who put a comment about being beaten by a five/six year old? I thoroughly enjoyed Michele‘s comment about being bigger and stronger then the child. My five year old (he’s almost six) is extremely strong, but you’re trying to tell me that there’s a five/six year old strong enough to stop me from restraining him?! A ten year old, maybe…but a five/six year old! SMARTEN UP! There are classes that teach how to properly restrain an out of control child, with out hurting them or yourself. Maybe you need to book yourself into one of those classes…while you’re at it, you might want to take some basic parenting courses too, because anyone who lets their child beat up on them probably needs it.

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