MySpace = BAD people….

16 Oct

Okay, so I said awhile ago that I’d gotten sucked into the MySpace vortex. I now have reason number 579,386 why you should NOT join MySpace.


Yes, I commented on here once about my ex…my REAL ex…you know, one of the ones you sleep with the live with and the whole nine yards, and how he was being a dink. Well, now I’m on the opposite end of the scale.

A few weeks ago I found an old, old friend on MySpace. I’ve known him since I was in kindergarden and he was in first grade…yup, that’s a long time. He’s living 3,000 miles away and recently got divorced. I was so excited to see him that I started chatting right away! “How’s things, how’s life, you look great, miss you!”

I’d obviously forgotten one major thing: this friend and I kinda messed around the summer before my senior year. He had just graduated and was heading for the military, and I had apparently just grown into my hormones. My small attraction to him grew and we started messing around…experimenting, if you will, as both of us were virgins. (see! Not everyone in a hick town has sex when they’re 13! I swear!)

He started boot camp and I started my senior year. When he came back he looked AMAZING and we messed around a tiny bit again before he had to head to Germany. Now by messing around I don’t mean having sex with, because we didn’t…got close, but never fully got there.

When I was in college with the OTHER ex, I found this old friend online. I tried to talk with him but he told me his wife was too jealous and so he couldn’t talk to his old girl friends…even if they were just friends.

So now we’ve re-connected and he’s single…AND he’s telling me that he’s never loved anyone the way he loved me…that he joined the military so that he could make something of himself to be able to ask me to marry him.
This, of course, is going over GREAT with the hubby…he thought it was funny at first, but now he’s all pissy about it…not that I can blame him, I’d probably be the same way.
The problem is, romance is not the hubby’s strong suit. Don’t get me wrong, I love him to pieces, but is it just me, or is it really nice to hear from an old friend (or BF) how great you look and that all they’ve looked for in a mate is someone who reminds them of you.
ACK! Can I get some advice here?! Have you ever been in this situation? And what have or would you do?

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