Nick Jr. gives me sanity

17 Oct

This title does NOT mean that my kids are watching TV constantly…well..unless you count the fifteen hours a day they watch it constantly, that is. I’m kidding!!!

In the morning I let BabyGirl watch a bit of TV. She enjoys it and it gives ME time to wake up. Then, when Toad comes home they get to watch some, and again before they go to bed. When Nick Jr. isn’t on I have the XM radio from the satellite on for music, so, basically, I have no idea whatsoever what’s going on in the world until my husband comes home.

I’ve learned, basically, that too much knowledge CLOUDS UP YOUR BRAIN! Come on, like I need to know the President had his yearly physical or that there was a minor 2.3 earthquake in Bumfuck Tennessee. Now, granted, the big stuff I like to know about: The Tsunami a year ago, an attempted assassination on the President (dammit, why has no one attempted…now THAT’S news), things that are big. But the minor stuff clouds up your head with useless trivia information that you’ll never need! Save your intelligence for the big stuff…like trying to figure out WHY Britney wed K. Fed…that one is a puzzle for the ages…


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