Round and round

24 Oct

I was online this morning, and being that I live in Hicktown, USA, I have to have dialup. (never mind that only five minutes away is an area that has cable and dsl…anything you like! But I can’t get it, dammit). So this morning I was online and the internet just died. I went for the phone and phone book, ready to call my internet provider and blast them with that, as well as the overdue discussion on the general suckiness of the accellerator we pay an extra five dollars a month for, when I realized the phone was completely dead. So there Babygirl and I were…just me and her…no phone, no vehicle (oh, yeah, forgot to mention that our Escort needed some babying so hubby’s been using my van to go to work with) no internet…it was like the stone age. Thank GOD the DirecTV was still working! And the power!

Then, four hours after the catastrophe started, the phone rang. My mother, apparently, had been trying to get in touch with me all day. My grandmother, who a little more then three weeks ago had surgery to have her bladder removed because of bladder cancer, just found out that cancer was found in her lymph nodes.

Now, I’m not a doctor, but I’m an intelligent woman and I know that those words are no good ones. The only thing is, I can’t figure out HOW not good. Should I be panicking, or should I just do the ‘wait and see’ approach? Anyone have any experience with this?


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