It sucks being right sometimes.

30 Oct

Okay, long story short (at least this part of it), The Newphew lived with us for 3 years because of mental health issues (from 16-19)…his mother, my Sister-In-Law (one of 7) has some mental health issues as well, which is why she couldn’t raise him. Let’s call her SIL2. Now, SIL2 has been dating Ex-Con man for a long time, shortly before The Nephew was hospitalized for treatment. Ex-Con is a dirty little rat (in looks AND in personality). We once had a local policeman who’s known Ex-Con for a long time tell us that he was surprised Ex-Con hadn’t done anything against us, such as vandalize our house, because we were taking care of The Nephew.

We told some of my other SIL’s (WE being the hubby and I) that if they continued to support SIL2 living with Ex-Con, things were going to get nasty. We had The Nephew watching out when he was at his mother’s house to make sure she wasn’t getting hurt as well. Ex-Con got sent BACK to prison at one point and SIL2 did great! She was able to live alone and became a much more confident person. We all told her how great she did with him gone, and how she didn’t NEED him in her life, how he just brought her down. She agreed. Ex-Con, however, moved back in after he finished his sentence.

Now, Ex-Con is an Ex-Con for a variety of reasons, but the biggest one being that he was jailed for beating up people. I’m sure you see where this is going. I got a call this morning from the hubs saying that SIL2 was beaten up this weekend by Ex-Con. She is out of her apartment and staying with SIL4.

I feel so many emotions right now…I’m mad at SIL2 for staying with him, I’m pissed at Ex-Con for doing this, I’m frustrated and pissed AND mad that SIL4 didn’t listen when we told her a long, LONG time ago that if she kept supporting this it was going to end nastily…and I’m extremely sad that it had to come to this point. I love SIL2, I do…and I have always worried about her. But some of my other SIL’s take this co-dependency thing a bit far, and instead of trying to help SIL2 learn to live on her own, they do everything for her (trust me, she’s capable of living on her own with a lot less help then she’s given). And now, because of a variety of things, she’s had her heart and body broken.

I’m not saying it’s all SIL4’s fault…(or SIL3, who contributed as well). The main fault lies at Ex-Con’s feet for doing it. I just can’t stop thinking that there’s always that possibility that if SIL3 or 4 had stopped supporting the relationship that maybe SIL2 would have left it alone. I don’t know…no one does…but the one thing I DO know is that I wish I could beat Ex-Con upside the head right now with a 2×4…no one, NO ONE deserves spousal abuse.

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