Halloween 2006

1 Nov

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Halloween 2006, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

It came, it went, it left TONS of candy!

Halloween 2006 was a blur, with the running around, dressing up, hitting all the houses, running around to visit relatives, AND keeping the fort down at my mother’s house, it was nuts.

Oh, and for the record, we (hubby and I, but mostly hubby) served 210 trick-or-treaters last night. TWO HUNDRED AND TEN. No, I’m not kidding, no, I’m not exaggerating…we keep track every year so we have an idea of how much candy to buy the next year. We had three pieces left. And considering it was a weeknight AND lightly raining, that was good. The last time we had that many it was a weekend!

Babygirl LOVED her costume and putting make up on. I tried to do her hair…didn’t work LOL. See the grey underneath her dress? A long-sleeved shirt. It’s too cold around here to go with just the dress on. She also had sweat pants on LOL. I tried to match the shirt with the dress so it wouldn’t be too noticable.

Toad kicked butt as Mario! EVERYONE stopped and said something, including a teenager dressed as Jason who said, “Hey Mario! I love your game…I play it all the time” and he wasn’t being rude..it was a good experience.

Babygirl hit the first street and the relatives, then hung out with Daddy giving out candy. Toad and I then went on to a few other streets where he collected more candy then he can eat all month (I’m sure he’ll give it a good go, though.)

But it was a great night, capped off with some Subway and a few episodes of HOUSE hubby and I caught on the couch. Today, today I must drive my step-dad to his PT for his knee…the fact that he’s asked me to drive him is a shock…he’s Mr. “Do Everything Myself”. So we’ve got to go clean the van to make sure all the candy is off the floor!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


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