Oh Christmas Tree…Oh Christmas Tree…

2 Nov
A few days ago, RSM had a post where she mentioned that Thanksgiving is an overlooked holiday.
I would have to agree.
But there’s a really good reason for it. Thank about it. Let’s examine the holidays.
NEW YEARS EVE: New Years Eve is the ending of one year and the beginning of another. It’s traditionally the time where, when you’re not single, you make resolutions you have no intention of keeping, party all night, and kiss your significant other. It’s also the time that, if you’re alone, you mourn that you’re NOT kissing someone, and make a resolution to FIND that someone, and then you still party all night and get drunk to block the pain.
VALENTINE’S DAY: Ah yes, the ever famous “totally commercial” holiday. Let’s shell out some money to buy some candy/flowers that will be eaten/die (hopefully you only eat the candy) to profess our love to someone. If you’re with someone, you sigh and try to think how to out-do last year’s total screw up of Valentine’s day, and if you’re alone you mourn, again, that you’re alone on Valentine’s day, and why does everyone ELSE have someone for Valentine’s day, but YOU’RE alone. (yeah, I have serious issues with Valentine’s day)
FOURTH OF JULY: Once again, another holiday where, the most important part isn’t celebrating our independence as a country, but seeing how drunk you can get as you watch fireworks. You head out in the evening, spread a blanket, uncap a beer and watch the lights spread across the sky. It’s also the perfect time to show your kids you’re magic “look, see, mommy is making those lights up in the sky” (not that I ever would…ahem)
HALLOWEEN: This holiday takes preperation. First to figure out the costume, then to start collecting the candy, THEN to figure out the best route to take the kiddos to get candy. Even if you have no children it’s impossible to hide from Halloween. People dress up at the office, at the stores you frequent, and the decorations are all over the town.
CHRISTMAS: Another holiday that takes tons of preperation…and it’s all about the presents. First you have to figure out WHO you’re buying for, then WHAT to buy, then HOW you’re going to get everything to everyone. If you’re a parent then you have to figure out the all important messages to send to SANTA, and if you’re single it’s all about trying to afford your presents for your friends and family, and who you’re spending the holiday with.
But Thanksgiving, see, Thanksgiving can be ignored. That holiday is all about the turkey and the stuffing (I dare you to find in history where the pigrims had green bean salad on their Thanksgiving). It’s a day to eat and stuff ourselves full. Now, traditionally, you’re SUPPOSED to spend it with friends/family and to give thanks for all the great things in your life. But, come on, with all the other holidays, the ones that take time and preperation, why bother?! Sure, I’ll get together with my mom, dad and gram and we’ll all do the whole turkey thing, but it’s more about who’s making what then what are we making it for.
Do I think Thanksgiving should be treated better? Nope. I think that families shouldn’t need a reason or a specific day to get together. I think we should plan barbecues in the middle of summer, and pot-lucks in the middle of winter…breakfasts on a lazy Sunday and a family meal in the middle of the week. We shouldn’t need a specific day to give thanks, we should give thanks every day.
So Thanksgiving, why don’t you just disappear. You can’t choose a specific day ANYWAY (it’s about a month earlier in Canada, which I live 15 minutes next to) so why don’t you just pack your bags and take a vacation.

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