Happy Meals

5 Nov

Scott, Toad, Babygirl and my SIL went grocery shopping Friday night. I had to work, so he decided he’d head off and get the groceries. Okay, fine!

On the way back they stopped at Wendy’s drive-thru. Now, we’ve been trying to save a little bit of money here and there, so we can enjoy Christmas. Sometimes this means not getting a soda at work and having more water, sometimes it means not buying a coffee, other times it means no Happy Meals (yes, I do know that Wendy’s are Kids meals, but the kids call them Happy meals). Instead we get two four pieces and a medium fry, which costs way less then two of the meals.

So Toad asked Scott if he was going to get a Happy Meal at the drive-thru. “No,” Scott said, “we’re getting the chicken nuggets and fries again.”

“Oh,” said Toad, “We’re getting the Sad Meal.”


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