The New Love In My Life

7 Nov
Apparently I’m a fickle person. Two years ago I posted about the air conditioner being the new love of my life.

Last year it was the mini-van (Ford Freestar 2004, and I’m still in love with it, thank you very much).

But now, now I have a new love.


There is a bad part about this though. This means that I’m a traitor. I’m from Vermont, and, as everyone knows, Vermont is famous for two things: letting gays and lesbians have civil unions, and Ben & Jerry’s.

Ben & Jerry’s is fine and all, but you’re looking at a woman who likes chocolate. Now, it wasn’t too bad a year or so ago when they came out with a new flavor called “Chocolate Therapy”. THAT was good ice cream. I mean, come on, shouldn’t chocolate be used as a theraputical treatment? It’s better then a shrink and almost as good as an orgasm.

But then, before I could buy a deep-freezer to store a lifetime full, Chocolate Therapy disappeared. It had been one of their limited flavors…a love never meant to last.

Suddenly, my Dove appeared on the horizon! Finally, an ice cream for a chocolate lover that’s creamy, has little chocolate chunks, fudge, AND a rich ganache at the top!
My Moment…My Dove…and anyone who eats it out of the freezer gets their hand chopped off automatically for a fine, AFTER they go to the store to get me more.

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