Fever and foot pain

8 Nov

No, the two are not related…well…kind of not.

Babygirl started with a fever last night. Low grade….but it bumped up a notch this morning around 5:30 a.m….so now we’re on fever watch. She’s got no other symptoms so I’m taking a wild guess it’s Roseola. The only problem with THAT is that we have to wait 3 days to see if it is. *sigh* Thank god for motrin.
I have had a pain in my foot for a few months. It started a few months ago…I walked Toad to his first day of school (well, I walked to the bus stop anyway) and my foot started to hurt unbearably. I can handle pain, but this sucked. Five days and many Aleve later I headed to the doctor, who told me that I should have taken Ibuprophen for the swelling and to take that for a few days and it would clear up. And so, it did! He also said that I had high arches and needed to wear better shoes then the sandals I was wearing. (But they were so stylish! And it’s not like they had a heel or anything).
So now we’re a few months from then and it’s happened AGAIN! If I take the Ibuprophen I feel better for a few hours, then the pain starts again! I can wear sneakers and that only delays the pain. I’ve iced it and babied it…tried to walk through it and ignored it. Nothing is working! Any thoughts?!

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