What weekend?!

13 Nov
Working the shifts I work make the weekend speed by WAY faster then they should. I work Thurs 4-11:30 p.m., and Fri and Sat 4-2 a.m. This means I get home and fall asleep after 3 a.m., and try to drag my butt OUT of bed the next day to spend time with the family. You’d LOVE to see me grocery shopping on a Saturday morning I tell ya! But this weekend seemed to go by extra fast.
Friday my hubby AND toad had off, so we went out to breakfast (which we never do) at a restaurant about 15 minutes away that I’d never been too. Oh.My.God. I’m a sausage-gravy biscuit lover, and living way up north where I am means nobody makes it correctly. Sausage-gravy should be thick and very peppery. This was amazing. We then went grocery shopping and I headed to work.
Saturday we went to my first craft show where I bought the cutest winter hats for the kids (pics to come soon, I promise!) and learned that if I could make little felt hats, I could make a fortune! Then, work again. And Sunday we visited my gram and hung around the house…I made a kick-butt honey bbq rotissierie chicken and forced my husband to watch a Japanime that I used to watch with my ex (a good friend let me borrow her DVD’s so I can watch them again…it was the ONLY thing I took out of that relationship that I liked).
But now we’re at Monday again! And so fast!! I have a final meeting tonight for the council I’m on (mmm….glazed baked ham….too much good food lately!) and then there’s work tomorrow, wed off and my normal schedule.
No wonder the kids seem to grow up too fast!

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