Yeah, right

16 Nov

Sickness sucks.

Just a week and a half ago I was musing at work over how I hadn’t gotten sick yet this winter. Remember the movie Titanic where the hottie guy (totally can’t remember his name) says “God himself couldn’t sink this ship”, and it sinks? You’d think I would learn from that.

I got one of the nastiest drag down colds EVAH.

And, let’s get this straight, it’s a cold, not the flu. EVERYONE sits there complaining that they have the flu when it’s really just a cold. If you can still move and do not have a fever, it’s probably a cold. This cold, though, gave me a runny nose, headache, sinus pain, scratchy throat (I HATE that) and made me feel cold…you know the kind, where it’s down in your bones and no amount of blankets will warm you.

During the cold I got to deal with work, preperations for the final council meeting, and the final meeting itself. Not that I’m complaining, I’m just trying to explain why my ass has been absent online for the past week.

It’s off to work again tonight, and hubby’s home tomorrow, so he’ll be taking Babygirl to Playworld. While they’re there, I’m going to be doing what I’ve wanted to do the entire week. The two most precious words to a mother…more precious then diamonds or gold or a buttload of chocolate.

Sleeping in.


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