22 Nov
A few days ago, Zoot made a comment at the end of one of her posts asking what things you were thankful for that weren’t obvious things.
Good question Zoot!
As for the obvious…good health in my kids and hubby and I, and mom and dad, definitely. That my grandmother’s surgery was successful and, even though she’s now having to fight secondary lymphoma, that she’s in good spirits and content in her decision to fight.
So those are the biggies…what about the stupid stuff I’m thankful for?! Piece of cake.
My Dishwasher We got it in May and, much as when I met my husband and had my children, my life has never been the same.
The DVR I finally convinced hubby we needed one around April and I now don’t know how we lived without it!
My Friends Sappy, I know, but I am thankful for my close friends…Danni (whom I just discovered actually READS this site, so no more talking about how I hate her skinny ass…J/K!) and my SIL Tammy, whom we just reunited with in January of this year. I also have some work friends who are good people and who make my sentence at work seem a lot shorter then it is.
HOUSE ACK! Damn you Danni for getting me addicted to yet ANOTHER show. As if Top Chef, Nip/Tuck and CSI weren’t enough, now I get close to orgasm whenever I see a new House pop up on the DVR list.
My Baking Skills I’m a fairly decent cook. I’m a mad-azz baker. Today Babygirl and I are making homemade rolls and a pumpkin roll! I’ll have to take a pic so you can drool (and so I have proof I DID make it on Thanksgiving, as I’m sure hubby will do his damnest to get a piece of it!)
Dial-Up Yeah, I know, I don’t have high speed….can’t get it here at my house dammit. But I realized if I didn’t have THAT, then I wouldn’t have anything, so I’m very thankful for access to the internet!
Nick Jr Because you allow me, oh Sweet Nick Jr, thirty minutes to get online and do my stuff.
MySpace Okay, I did NOT just write that. But seriously, I am thankful for it. It’s allowed me to re-connect with a bunch of friends from high school and college and even from before that.
So that’s what I’m trying to do this Thanksgiving…be thankful for the small stuff. It might sound sappy, but if you can’t enjoy yourself every day in some small way, then why go on living?!

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