3 Dec

Why is it that you put RSVP on an invitation so you have an idea HOW many kids you need to get toys/candy for, and yet there are always a few who don’t RSVP? Luckily, I knew that and prepared.

Someone’s boots got mistakingly taken, but other then that we survived and actually had a lot of fun!

I put on the invitation that gifts weren’t necessary, just for the kids to come and play and have a good time, but quite a few came with some gifts…markers and toys from the dollar store…that’s the right idea! It doesn’t matter HOW much the gifts cost, it’s the thought. One little girl in his class brought a small toy for Babygirl too! How sweet!

I thought for sure that NO ONE would just drop their kids off with a complete stranger, but out of the 6 kids from his class who came (and 1 from 2nd grade), only TWO stayed behind! One because she knew her grandson wouldn’t stay w/o her, and the other because they’re responsible parents. Come on people! I’m a total stranger to you! Yes, my son IS in school with your kids, but we’ve never met, and you’re just going to leave them here and hope that everything is ok?

This is why bad things happen to your children, people. Smarten up.

The party went great, kids had a great time…we played a bunch of party games and did the ever-famous Piniata…I got a HUGE cake from Shaws and couldn’t believe it when the price tag came to 32.00…ouch! I’ll be eating cake for a month. His real birthday is on Wednesday (I’m sure you’ll get to see the sappy story then) and we’ll probably head out to McyD’s and have supper there (his favorite place in the world) and do cupcakes and he’s got one more present coming…a small one…he got his big one from us today because it went along with my mom’s.

Yes..I am now one of those proud parents who can scream “TURN THAT CD PLAYER DOWN!”


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