Champagne, please? Table for one?

18 Dec

*pops the champagne*

Okay, I totally, TOTALLY deserve champagne….even at 9:30 on a Monday morning. I’ll tell you why…in BULLET STYLE! (don’t you think there should be some sort of sound effect there…like bullettime for movies?)

  • I managed, despite not getting to sleep until 3:30 a.m., to get the house sparkling clean for the in-law’s visit! Go me! (okay, Scott helped too…but only a little)
  • Not only did I have a great c0-worker take a few of my hours so I could actually STAY at the party, but I got MORE hours…and didn’t whine when I was given them!
  • I let my SIL take control of my kitchen, and instead of freaking out about it, actually ENJOYED it! She did everything…thanks SIL!
  • I managed to not scream at the Newphew’s baby’s mama (’s drama mama is what I was really thinking) and made it very clear that I was not impressed and that I wanted nothing to do with them, while still maintining my dignity. It was a close thing…the alcohol in the fridge was beckoning, but I managed to stay away!
  • I found out that a lot of my in-laws feel the same way I do about the Nephew and the GF…one of my niece’s (I have nieces and nephews older then myself…we’re a 20th Century family!) said “God! Could she display her tits any more in that top?!” I LOVE that particular niece!
  • SANTA visited my house on Saturday during the party! We got great pics (I’ll upload later) and the kids all got great presents! A great precursor to the real thing, huh?
  • I’ve been meaning to start a blanket for my son, and yesterday I finally started! It was a ripple stitch and I’ve been concerned about doing it (you need a college education in crochet to understand some of those patterns!) but thanks to a co-worker who is my personal crochet goddess, I know totally understand it and it IS really easy! Hooray!

So now it’s just me and Babygirl getting ready to make some Buckeyes for my mom’s christmas thing. I have to call Chromeworld and see about a last minute gift for my dad (excuse me while I take it up the ass for shipping) and I’ll head up to a local gift shop and see if I can find anything for my gram.

OH! Internet people…you can help! My grandmother, as I’ve mentioned, is undergoing Chemo. My mother wants me to get a good protein recipie (like a shake or smoothie) for my gram and get all the ingredients as a Christmas gift…I’m not sure about that, but I would like some good recipies for protein drinks. Any thoughts?!

As you know, I live in VT….we’re the skiing state! (what…Colorado is? I refute that logic)…however, right now, we have NO.SNOW! YES I’m serious! We had a huge snow storm a little over a week ago and now? NOW I can see the grass everywhere I look and even the birds are flying around with the whole “there’s no snow coming…I don’t gotta worry” attitude.

Yeah, global warming’s a myth.


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