Merry Christmas!

21 Dec

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Merry Christmas!, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

Once again it’s that time of year to take the annual snap-shot of my kids and realize that, yes, my theory is RIGHT!

You know how a negative and a negative makes a positive? Well, two ugly people make absolutely BEAUTIFUL kids. Toad has that slightly darker skin (not from Mexico…I swear…the hubs is half French-Canadian even though he vehemently denies it, and a lot of the true french have a slightly darker skin) and those dark laughing eyes…with his short cropped hair (and no, I do not spike it, he has a massive cowlick) he looks absolutely adorable.

Babygirl has my pale complextion, which on me make me look like a ghost, but on her it’s all peaches-n-cream! The thin hair which I always wish was thicker is actually very flattering to her and she’s got my eyes…which on me look like a diarrhea brown but on her they’re golden.

This, my friends, is what I’m thankful for this Christmas. My children are absolutely beautiful kids, both inside AND out.

Good to know I haven’t screwed them up too much yet!


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