Too much snot!

3 Jan

I have had this cold…seriously, for 3 weeks.

I’m not one to make a big fuss over being sick (unless I’m puking my brains out, then just leave me alone and let me die in peace), but come on, enough’s enough!

I hate when you’re at work and someone will cough and sneeze and say “I’ve got the flu”. No, you don’t have the flu, so stop dramatizing it. If you had the flu you’d have a massive fever, your whole body would ache and you would barely be able to pull yourself from bed to pee.

So I’m definitely not dramatizing it…this is NOT the flu. What this is is an annoying virus/cold buggy type thingy that’s entire purpose of being created is to annoy the living hell out of me. Six weeks ago I got a cold, as did Babygirl. It hit hard but left pretty quickly. A week later Toad showed symptoms and I assured him that Babygirl and I wouldn’t catch it, as I was positive it was the same virus. I was wrong.

A few days after Toad and Scott had it (and got over it just as quickly), Babygirl and I re-caught the misery. It took her about a week and a half to get over it. I still have it.

I’ve been going on three weeks with a sinusy/runny nose and a cough that seems pretty dry but gets kinda nasty at night. The cough isn’t worrying me, it’s just annoying. The sinus thingy is, because I’m wondering if, for the first time in my life, I have a “sinus infection”. So what do you think, is it worth the 25 dollar co-pay to go to the docs or do you think they’ll just say “stop dramatizing!”

Maybe I should ask Dr. Google first…

UPDATE: I ended up at the doctor’s office…BEFORE I read Megan’s comment! Dammit! Anyway, the nurse practitioner gave me some antibiotics and a warning to go nowhere near my grandmother during my lovely little bout with sinusitis.

Now excuse me while I go to pick up my son and haul him off to the dentists, where I’m sure to infect TONS of people…think I should wear a mask?!


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