My mind

4 Jan

How do you think String cheese was invented?! Did some cheesemaker decide one day that he wanted some mozzarella that he could take with him easily, so he made it into a log shape? Did the same cheesemaker then decide that he didn’t want to bite it, he wanted to see if it would stretch just to amuse his children?

The same thing with cheese curds! What strange cheesemaker looked into a vat of curds and whey and decided “damn, those rubbery things floating in that vat of murky water look great!” And on top of that, who decided fries, gravy and cheesecurds would be great to mix together?

These are the strange things that run through my mind on an hourly basis. Yes, I know I need therapy, thanks.

Here’s one that plagues me constantly: why is it that almost all toothpaste is mint flavored?! What if you don’t like mint (like me)? That is totally the thing that annoys me about brushing your teeth…it’s all mint flavored!! Seriously, go to the store and try to find an adult toothpaste that isn’t mint flavored! I mentioned that to the dentist yesterday and he replied “use kid’s toothpaste”. Alright, so I can already fit in my son’s socks, now you want us to share toothpaste as well? And doesn’t that mean I’ll have to brush twice as much because it isn’t as strong as adult toothpaste?

Come on, they can make soda taste like just about anything you want, how come they can’t make toothpaste like that? “Love sweets? Try our chocolate cheesecake toothpaste. Are you a carbs fan? Our bread-n-butter toothpaste is just for you! In it more for the sour? Then our pickle flavored Crest is right up your alley!”

And who decided that since we drive on the right side our steering wheels should be on the left? And why oh why would you think it’s an intelligent idea to use spraypaint on your head when you’re going bald?!

I totally need therapy.

In the home news, my husband’s grandfather is dying. He has pneumonia that they can’t get rid of (ANOTHER one…how come when there’s water in your lungs they can’t just suck it out?!) and his heart and kidneys are failing. He’s been in the ICU but apparently today they’re putting him in transitional care. We saw him last night and he kept asking Scott why he wasn’t at work…then why I wasn’t at work. “You’re going to lose your job!” he kept repeating (I have the week off). He kept asking how the kids were and telling us to “bring them down sometime”. We put a pic of the kids by his bed…he loves them so much. What annoys me is that this stubborn, proud Vermonter is being lied to by his family…he isn’t being told that he’s dying. He made the comment to his wife that he was getting better, and he wanted to go home soon.

Wouldn’t you want your family to respect you enough to wean you off the medication long enough to explain what was going on? I know I would. Scott, however, disagrees and feels that he would just like to be kept comfortable and in the dark. What do you think?


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