And the winner IS…

9 Jan

*ring ring*
Scott: Hello

Woman: Hello…is this Scott….Toad’s father?

Scott: It is.

Woman: Hi, I’m Toad’s principal…how are you today?

Scott: Good…great…and you?

Principal: I’m good, thanks. I just heard from Toad’s teacher, Mrs. Teacher, that Toad won’t be joining the class for their field trip on Thursday.

Scott: No, my wife and I decided that we’re not comfortable with him going.

Principal: I just wanted to check and see if the reason he wasn’t accompanying his class is because of a monetary problem. We do have scholarships to help in that type of situation so that he can go on the trip.

Scott: No, no it’s no monetary problem. We don’t have a problem coming up with six dollars.

Principal: Then you’re not letting him go because…

Scott: We’re just not comfortable with our just-turned 6 year old traveling an hour-and-a-half away with out one of his parents.

Principal: Yeah…yeah…I do understand…he is a little young. Well I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy seeing his smiling face every day…he’s such a nice young boy…..

Toad will not be going on the field trip, obviously…and it intrigued me to see that the only reason we thought he wasn’t going (even though I explained it in the letter I sent with him) was because we didn’t have six dollars. Scott would give up his cigs for a week if it was something we had to afford for Toad for school, so the money wasn’t a problem.

It’s like one of my co-workers said at work last night..”Come on, it’s a class of kindergardeners! They’re like…look…something shiny, and they run for it.”

I haven’t really explained Toad’s demeanor on here…let’s just say he’s a bit sensitive. He was overtired after Christmas vacation and had his first basketball practice (it’s once a week). The coach went around asking everyone what they want for Christmas, and Toad…well…Toad bawled. I’ve been told it wasn’t pretty. He’s very sensitive (although we’re trying to break him of being TOO sensitive) and he’s painfully shy.

So instead it’ll be me, Toad and Babygirl hitting McyD’s on Thursday (which was the part he was really missing about going on the trip he said) and we’ll hit the dollar store. Nothing like a cheap plastic toy to make the day seem a lot brighter for a six year old.


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