Out with the old

10 Jan

I just switched from the old Blogger to the new one. I’ve been waiting to do it for weeks…wanting to upgrade (new is always good, right?) and yet hesitant, afraid I’d be uncomfortable with the new Blogger…after all, it’s always scary to get in bed with someone for the first time, isn’t it? So this morning I decided to say “screw it” and clicked the necessary buttons to switch to the new Blogger. The screen gave me the tantalizing glipse of the future, saying that it was switching my blog to the NEW and IMPROVED Blogger. FINISHED the screen said…and I hesitantly clicked with the mouse, expecting new…expecting shiny, and I got..


There is nothing different with this new Blogger that I have seen yet. The place for typing is the same, the colors are the same…I mean, come on, they could at least change the colors, right?! Or make a delayed post option…SOMETHING.

Wait…I did just notice that there’s a little Post Options button and a Label space…wahoo…

It’s like when you get all excited for Christmas. You see a HUGE package sitting under the tree with your name and you just know that it’s going to be great. Christmas morning you save that package for last, just knowing that since it’s the biggest it must be the best. And you tear it open only to find…an ironing board.

New Blogger…curse you…I wanted a leather jacket, not an ironing board…


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